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New Study to see how N.E.T. can help fight cancer

Daniel A. Monti, M.D. Introducing The Pilot Study The ONE Research Foundation is proud to be raising funds for a new pilot study: Assessment of NET for Decreasing Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Cancer Survivors. The study will assess the feasibility of the multi-modal, mind-body intervention Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) in patients who suffer from distressing […]

Perth Christmas Day Dinner Association

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                    On Christmas Day, every year, the Perth Christmas Dinner Association hosts its annual PERTH COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS DINNER at Code’s Mill Banquet Hall, 17 Wilson St. East in Perth.  Everyone is welcome to share turkey with all the trimmings and dessert. There is no charge for […]

Shoulder Pain? Headaches? Chiropractic can help.

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Health-E-News July 2016 empowering you to optimal health   Shoulder Pain? Chiropractic Can Help If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain and your range of motion is restricted, chiropractic care can help. Shoulder pain is a common complaint amongst individuals. It is attributed to a number of causes, which can include the single onset or […]

Greater Strength, Muscle Function and Less Fatigue

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Research: Chiropractic care can increase strength, decrease fatigue and improve the brain’s ability to drive muscles. What we can say based on this study(1) is that when we adjust subluxations, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain drives our muscles. That’s pretty cool.” said Heidi Haavik, one of the […]