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On Christmas Day, every year, the Perth Christmas Dinner Association hosts its annual PERTH COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS DINNER at Code’s Mill Banquet Hall, 17 Wilson St. East in Perth.  Everyone is welcome to share turkey with all the trimmings and dessert. There is no charge for the meal. They are available to give you a ride to and from the dinner if you are not able to get to Code’s Mill by yourself. The hall is wheelchair accessible and will have transportation which accommodates those with wheelchairs. For those who cannot make it, they also offer a delivery service.


blue-christmas-decorations-mpjsnlexDid you know that if you miss an appointment at Johnson Chiropractic Clinic you are welcome, and encouraged, to make a donation to our ‘Missed Appointment Box’?

Donations in our Missed Appointment Box go to the Perth Christmas Dinner Association.
Please consider donating if you have missed any appointments this year or would just like to give to this worthy cause.

Christmas is less than 5 months away. If you would like to help us with preparing, serving or delivering the meal, please click on the Volunteer Registration button. We will contact you to explain the tasks in more detail. Volunteers are encouraged to stay for dinner. If you are unable to register on-line please contact us at 613-326-8365.

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