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Summer Hazards That May Worsen Back Pain

by Carrie DeVries As summer sets in and days lengthen, many people rejoice in the warmer temperatures and fun activities this time of year offers. Summer is a great time travel, but long trips can be hard on your back. But if you have back pain, the story may be a little [...]

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Contains 3 Cancer-Linked Carcinogens

In early May 2017, Lois Slemp was awarded a record-breaking $110.5 million lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson by the Virginia jury for her claim that she got ovarian cancer due to the use of their talcum powder for 40 years. She is one of the many who fight against this carcinogenic product. Currently, more than [...]

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What Do Your Colors Mean to You?

Orange What it represents: OK, orange is not exactly the easiest color to wear and it’s not the most common favorite color, but guess what? Orange is as sensual as it gets. Orange is a mellowed red — and it takes primal, lusty urges and mellows them with a softer vibe. Orange is the color [...]

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Lift Light To Shovel Right

Snow Shovelling Winter weather can pack a punch and, with the season’s heavy snowfalls, injuries often result. Improper snow shovelling is often to blame. But shovelling out after a storm doesn’t have to leave you stiff and sore. With a little know-how, you can clear your driveway without the all-too-common back, neck and shoulder pain [...]

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7 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays!

Unlike a one-time splurge at Thanksgiving, holiday eating in December is a marathon. There are the office parties, dinners with friends and family gatherings that surround you with cookies, eggnog and candy canes. Santa isn’t the only man to indulge over Christmas – registered dietician Carrie Regan suggests that on average, Canadians gain around one [...]

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Are you often hungry late in the evening?

Then you need to get smart about your late-night snacks. Sugar Crashes and Sleep Reaching for sugar-filled carbs like chocolate and sweet biscuits late at night won’t do your sleep any favors. Sweet snacks cause a sugar crash. Later when you’re in bed, that dip in your blood glucose may lead you to wake at [...]

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Are you stressed out?

Are you Stressed out?   Running ALL the time?         If you have ever wanted to try Meditation but thought it was too difficult, then this is for you! Learn how Meditation can be easy Location: here at Johnson Chiropractic Clinic 10am-5pm Sat Sept 17th and Sun Sept 18th For more information [...]

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All-Natural Honey Is Used for Skin Care, Treating Wounds, Energy and Memory Booster

Civilizations have been using honey for nutritional and medicinal purposes for centuries.  Honey offers a variety of health benefits for the entire body.  In fact, this natural sweetener is packed full of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Honey Flavors and Forms Honey is simply made by bees in a beehive.  There are about 60,000 bees in [...]

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Important reasons why you should be drinking lemon water every morning

(NaturalNews) Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce swear by drinking lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning. In recent years, lemon water has become a fashionably healthy lifestyle choice, fitting right in between a morning meditation session and a green smoothie for breakfast. This simple morning habit is making news all over [...]

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