Biocranial TechniqueThe Bio Cranial System (BCS) was developed in 1988 and is based on the research conducted at the International Bio Cranial Academy (IBCA) located in the United Kingdom.  It is increasingly becoming the practice protocol of choice by conventional and alternative practitioners treating patients suffering from acute & chronic conditions to those who practice a wellness lifestyle and preventative maintenance.  The Bio Cranial System is all about optimal health and the functionality (circulation, digestion, hormonal, etc.) of the body.

A Unique Discovery and Observation

Bio Cranial research discovered that the spinal alignment follows the alignment of the cranial bones (of which there are 22).  The ‘flawed’ cranial bone alignment results in equally ‘flawed’ spinal alignment.  If your craniosacral system – the cranium and the spine as an integrated unit – is out of line, it is because of the cranial distortion.

This anatomical (structural) ‘flaw’ will have an impact on the optimum level of function of the involuntary movement of the craniosacral system.

The BCS has been successfully treating patients in Europe for over a decade.  The Bio Cranial System is a therapeutic protocol that helps the body to correct and heal itself by applying a specific technique directly to the bones of the head (cranium).

Who can benefit from the Bio Cranial System?

You!  And just about everyone else, bar none.  You see, just about every one of us is “injured” as part of the “normal” birthing process, whether we realize it or not.  The BCS aims to correct this and therefore allows your body to function optimally.  Remember, the absence of symptoms is no indication of the presence of health.