Research: Chiropractic care can increase strength, decrease
fatigue and improve the brain’s ability to drive muscles.

hex dumbell in gym

What we can say based on this study(1) is that when we adjust subluxations, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain
drives our muscles. That’s pretty cool.” said Heidi
Haavik, one of the brains behind this recent study.
Haavik is referring to subluxations as dysfunctions that
occur when the nervous system isn’t controlling
movement of the spine as well as it should be.
“When we adjust…subluxations, we change the way
the brain processes what’s going on in our bodies.
Hence we are able to better process all that sensory
information from throughout the body, and control the
body in a better way.” says Haavik.
In this recent study, researchers asked groups of
people to perform maximum contractions of their leg
muscles. For the ones who did receive chiropractic
adjustments, they saw a major shift in the way the
brain drove the muscle.
“The brain was changing that…effect. Our subjects got
stronger (in comparison to the control group)”
observed Haavik and her fellow researchers.
The study showed:
• an increase of almost 60% in the electrical
activity readings from specifically targeted
• a 16% increase in absolute force measures
• a 45% increase in the drive from their brain to
their muscle
Another interesting finding occurred when Haavik
compared these results to another study that looked at
three weeks of strength training. “Our results were
almost identical to three weeks of strength training.”
These are compelling research outcomes which backup
what chiropractors and people under chiropractic
care already know: that people function better with
chiropractic care.