I have been a patient with Johnson Chiropractic Clinic for approximately 6 weeks and have found that the Chiropractic Treatment has been beneficial to my personal well-being.  Prior to receiving this treatment I was experiencing more mood swings, sleepless nights, chronic back and neck pains, continuous headaches, and all over muscle soreness.  I found any continuous activities (physical) long drives, and emotional stress almost unbearable.

I then started receiving Chiropractic Treatment from Johnson Chiropractic Clinic and began seeing positive results after 4 weeks.  I no longer experienced sleepless nights, mood swings (pain related), severe back and neck pains, headaches and muscle soreness.  I’d say pretty much everything is significantly better, making life more enjoyable every day!


Before becoming pregnant, I noticed such a difference in my life after Kelly started seeing me.  My riding improved so much and I actually formed a closer bond with my horse.  After becoming pregnant Kelly has made the transition to motherhood amazing!  With all my body changes she still manages to make me feel more and more comfortable.  Without her I wouldn’t sleep full nights and would not feel prepared for the baby.  The advice and caring attitude Kelly has given me has surpassed any other doctor I have dealt with.  I couldn’t be happier with the service I receive here and the compassion given towards the patients.  Thank you for being you!!

Jamie Wey