Live Blood Analysis & Nutritional Counselling

Welcome to Vitae Health!

Ruth Magee, (Health Consultant & Live Blood Analyst)

Where our mission is to bring you to Vitality!

To help you on this journey we have Ruth who is qualified in advanced live blood analysis, holds a diploma in Nutrition and has more than 30 years of experience with the best diets and nutrients from around the world to heal and strengthen your body with the various challenges that life has for each one of us.

We can help identify your hidden imbalances, which may be holding you up from achieving your healthy potential and well-being.

Amongst others, can uncover the reasons why you are:

Feeling sick and tired, in pain or having digestive issues

By analysing your symptoms, nutritional status, diet and lifestyle and if needed looking at your blood under a microscope we can uncover many problems which can include:

Nutritional imbalances, antioxidant levels, mineral imbalances, immune weakness, adrenal stress, hydration levels, acidity, digestive problems, liver stress, oxidative stress, circulatory problems, poor tissue oxygenation, cellular fatigue, lymphatic congestion, anemia, bowel toxicity and inflammation, parasite activity, chemical and heavy metal toxicity, yeast related problems, candida and many more…

Get to the cause of the problems instead of just suppressing the symptoms.


            First consultation (1 ½ hours)                         $150

         Follow up consultation (45 minutes)              $75

           Consultations per 15 minutes                             $25

Hours: Wednesday- 8am – 4pm

Phone number: 613-264-2402                 Email: