I have been a patient with Johnson Chiropractic Clinic for approximately 9 years and have found that the Chiropractic Treatment, Neuroemotional Technique (NET), and BioCranial have been beneficial to my personal well-being.  Prior to receiving this treatment I was experiencing extremely sore and debilitating pain under my right side (under my rib cage).  I couldn’t run and had to be very careful about any sudden movement.  I was apprehensive about chiropractic methods, but realized that this pain wasn’t going away on its own.  Kelly was just excellent, and I don’t ever want to go back “there” (with the pain) again!

I then started receiving Chiropractic Treatment and Neuroemotional Technique (NET) from Johnson Chiropractic Clinic and began seeing positive results after 6 weeks.  I no longer experienced this pain, but I do see Kelly monthly because I believe in preventative medicine, and the rest of my body feels better after my appointments!  NET is just amazing!  She did this with me only twice, and results were scary amazing!!!  My neck was so locked, and I was in so much pain.  Had to take a day off work.  NET did the trick, and I was well on my way to total recovery.  It’s “all” good!