I have been a patient with Johnson Chiropractic Clinic for approximately 10 years and have found that the Chiropractic Treatment has been beneficial to my personal well-being.  Prior to receiving this treatment I was experiencing back pain severe enough doubling me over with a sick stomach and spasms.

I then started receiving Chiropractic Matrix Treatments from Johnson Chiropractic Clinic and began seeing positive results after 2 treatments.  I no longer experienced a pain in my right side which ended up being a twisted kidney.  Only 2 treatments cleared away years of pain.


I had chiropractic treatments throughout my pregnancy and never had any lower back pain.  My son has been a patient since he was two weeks old.  Last summer he contracted Plantars Warts on both feet from June onward.  I tried various home remedies, over the counter remedies and nothing worked.  Upon mentioning it to Dr.Johnson we decided on trying Laser Therapy.  One treatment is all it took and 2 days later, all the warts were gone!

Stephanie Desjardine