My name is Anita and I would like to thank Johnson Chiropractic for helping to relieve my pain and irritation from Shingles.

On October 17th, 2011 I developed an itchy rash that started on my stomach.  By October 18th and 19th it had spread to my left side and back and I also had pain on my left side.  I thought the rash was from poison ivy and the pain was due to me playing volleyball the night before.  I waited until October 21st to go see a doctor.  My doctor said that I had Shingles and that I was a day too late to start Anti-viral medications to help them go away quickly.  I would have to wait possibly 2 weeks or more for the pain and irritation of the Shingles to go away.  I had heard from other people that the pain from Shingles can last for a long time.  My mother contacted Johnson Chiropractic office to see if there was anything Dr.Johnson could do to help me at this time.  Karen said that they were offering a new program called Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy.  I came in for an appointment on October 27th for the 1st part of a 2 part Cold Laser Therapy for Shingles.  I returned on November 1st for the second treatment.  By the end of the week the pain was gone and there is no lasting effect of the Shingles.  I highly recommend the Cold Laser Therapy treatments, they certainly work for me.

Anita McLean