I have been a patient with Johnson Chiropractic Clinic for approximately 12 years and have found that the Chiropractic Treatment, BioCranial, Laser Therapy and Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy, have been beneficial to my personal well-being.  Prior to receiving this treatment I was experiencing back problems which would cause my leg to have pain.  If  I don’t see Kelly I limp and it also causes me not to sleep (BioCranial helps).  I started having hot flashes a few years ago, they were so bad that I was woken up every 2 hours.  I tried pills but did not help.  I asked Karen and Kelly if there was anything available and that is when I started the Laser Therapy.

I then started receiving Chiropractic Treatment, BioCranial, Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy, and Laser Therapy from Johnson Chiropractic Clinic and began seeing positive results after 1 days.  I no longer experienced hot flashes and I am also allergic to nuts so bad that I have been in emergency twice with my throat closing.  I purchased a product that I have had before and ate it but my daughter read the ingredients and they had nuts in it and I did not react.


I was so desperate for the hot flashes to go that I would try anything.  When I first started the Laser Therapy I truly did not understand how this could work.  I still sometimes can’t believe it worked.  I have not tried a nut on purpose as this would make me panic since I know the results but in the past even a nut extract would cause issues.

Margaret Patterson