Therapeutic Massage

“Working with each one of you is a privilege
and I am gratefully aware of the trust you put in me.”

Sarah Hood
Registered Massage Therapist


I graduated from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage in 1981, which gave me a grounding in Swedish Massage and subsequently have taken training in Reflexology, cranio-sacral technique and trigger point therapy. The most exciting work has been over the last three and a half years as I’ve learned fascial release at the school for Kinesis Myofascial lategration. I reached level 2 in 2015 and am working towards full accreditation this summer. The treatment starts from a physical examination which gives the practitioner vital clues in the detective work to uncover the real cause of the problem. This enables a clearer assessment of misalignments and a guide to a more favourable outcome with treatment.

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